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Hi, I am a Label how can i Submit New Music, Thanks. Contact:TGB933@GMAIL.COM Thanks again. Tony G.Barnes a.k.a. Musicfanatic was born in Georgia and raised in the Bronx New York, he has been producing music for over 20 years and has always received good response, for an example the first four songs that he ever wrote in his life a big indie record label named Nia Records signed him to their label for two of the songs and bought the other two, this was many years ago that label was owned by two twins that went by the name of the Aleems they are also artist and musicians, One of the songs that you might know them by is "Release Your Self" that was a very big club record for them, They were picked up by Atlantic Records and soon after that their label ceased to exsist but they never released the material that they signed Tony G.Barnes a.k.a. Musicfanatic for because their was a conflict of intrest with him and his manager that he had at that time, he didn't go by the name of Musicfanatic back then he was a member of a group named The Rockin Mc's, but here he is years later and on the solo scene and still doing is thing, For another example His song CLUB CITY is in the TOP 40 & 50 on Starfleet Music Pool Charts, It went from the HOT PICK of the week to #40 and then #24 & then #19 in the TOP 40 Indie Charts on Starfleet Music Pool, Then it entered into the URBAN HIPHOP Charts at #49 & then #42 in the TOP 50 Charts, All of this activity in LESS than 4 and a half weeks. Here are the LINKS to the TOP 40 & 50 Charts with CLUB CITY in them (09/01/11) & (09/16/11) Charts. TOP 40 chart Chart 09/01/11 (#24) Chart 09/16/11 (#19) TOP 50 chart Chart 09/01/11 (#49) Chart 09/16/11 (#42) CLUB CITY is also doing well on Internet Radio Stations, For example here's a link to a internet radio station where it's being played about every hour and forty minutes (Seven days a week) for over two months already. Radio LINK Here's three links where his album is for sale, you can SAMPLE the whole album there. His page: His album is really Hiphop & R&B but Club City is the one thats making the most noise now to the best of my knowlege, Thank you for your time. Tony G.Barnes a.k.a Musicfanatic Contact:TGB933@GMAIL.COM or TGB933@YAHOO.COM
by: MUSICFANATIC Oct. 11, 2011, 8:06 a.m.